Team Sweden Rock’s Party!

Yesterday both myself and Tom rode our qualification rounds. The conditions were pretty hard with a strong wind and a rough lake but the wake behind the mastercraft X-star was amazing. Tom was first out and even though the lake was that crazy he managed to do an amazing stand up run and he ended up second in his heat, making it through to the semi’s!!

I was up next and even though I barely made half my pass due to the conditions the luck was in my favor and I ended up winning my heat and also making it straight to the women’s finals. So happy because there were only 3 spots in the finals so this means I will be on the 2013 European podium!! (:

I’m so proud of team Sweden so far and today none of us are riding so we’re about to hit the town. Tomorrow the skaters are up (including me!!) so I can’t wait to see this good energy continue.

Stay tuned!

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