After A LONG rehab period I am now finally back wakeboarding again! In the end of January I left Stockholm on a plane straight to Thailand and now after being here for a little over a week I never want to leave! Taking off the dock that first time in about 7 months was like drinking that first sip of water after being on a hot thai bus with no AC for 3 hours. I don’t think I even fully understood how much I’ve missed it and even though I have a few more weeks of rehab left until I will be fully ready to charge again, just being back with that neoprene smell and the feel of warm glassy water under my board brought back so many great feelings. I am also thrilled to be seeing JB again and being back in my daily work uniforms (bikinis). It’s so familiar that it feels like I never left this part of my life. My knee feels better than ever being back in warm weather and I have to pace myself to obey my PT’s orders of “taking it easy”. My knee feels ready for kickers and getting back into contest mode but I am going to play it smart and listen to my Physio, and sipping on coconuts on the beach isn’t too bad that either 😉



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