Photo’s with Luke Lee

We went out yesterday and shot some photo’s with Luke. Unfortunately there was something wrong with the settings of the camera (which only Luke can see 😉 ) so we are going to have to do it again some time when this rain stops. Anyways, here is two photos, one of me and one of DC pulling of stalefish grabs, which one do you think is the best one?



Knee meet face!

Had an awesome time coaching the young irish shredders that are here today. Time went so fast and due to the daylight savings we lost an hour of our day. This didn’t really hit us when we at 6 loaded up to boat to go for a ride. By the time I was on the water I was struggling to separate the sky from the lake. This made me come around on a new trick I’m trying and introduce my knee to my face. Thankfully it missed my nose so I’ve just got swollen cheek and a headache. Moral of the story: don’t ride when you can’t see the wake.

10 tricks with Jose is almost done now, just finishing up the last few things. Here’s a screenshot from it (:

Worst set of the season

Haha, I don’t know why I rode so bad today, I’ll blame it on DC driving the boat, umm or that I had wayy too much hot chocolate or… I don’t know. Kept crashing on 180’s and everything in the book. For some reason I’m still happy though, might have been Jack Hammersly’s awesome attitude in the boat or just that I don’t see the point in getting stressed anymore. I found this picture and absolutely love it! I totally did give a 100% today, it was just not what a 100% normally looks like 😉

Deja Vu Ski and Surf

Me and the Geisha at Deja Vu’s home page (: Check it out! : www.dejavuski.comI remember being scared to death of stingrays when we took those photos since my friend Scotty Green got stung one of the days during the team shoot. I couldn’t believe how calm he was discussing “Weather or not the poison was leathal” with a beer in his hand and his foot in a under a running tap of hot water. I would have been kicking and screaming for someone to take me to the hospital and run every test in the book. 😉 Scotty was fine though and rode again later that day.

Cordoba night

Dylan is leaving Xtreme Gene to head back home to South Africa on friday so we all had a last night out with dinner and drinks in Cordoba last night. I’m going to miss the shredder, it’a been so good riding with him and he really is one of the best coaches I know. Last night was epic and today the rain is pouring down so we are all taking it pretty easy chilling in the sofa.

Last night…

10 tricks and Yoga

Done filming 10 tricks! I’m stoked on how the material turned out and now Jose is about to edit it until next weekend. I’m super excited to see it so I have to pace myself 😉

Besides from wakeboarding we spent some time on shooting a bit of yoga. I can’t believe how big of an impact yoga has had on my life recently. The things I learnt about myself in my 10 days of bikram yoga stretches wide and even when I’m on my wakeboard I can relate the feelings I feel on the yoga mat.

We have so many thoughts in our heads limiting us, telling us that we aren’t strong enough, that we are scared, that we can’t do it. We have to break free of the image we have of ourselves in order to achieve what we really want. You are so much more than you think and you can do so much more than you think you can. Whenever those voices start telling you to stop cause you are not good enough just acknowledge that they exist but give them the finger.

Filming with Jose

Working on 10 tricks with Jose filming today. Super excited since all the other edits he has done (I posted the one with DC before) have looked amazing! He has some great ideas to my intro too so let’s see if I can land all the 10 tricks I want on film (:

Here is one of the 10 tricks Jose just released with Dylan: