I’ve had the best 10 days visiting D in Belfast. We were lucky with the weather this time around so now I have proof that the sun actually does shine on that rainy island sometimes ;). He took me around the touristy places, lunches with grannies and we even got a sneaky winter ride in.

One of the most amazing places I have ever been is The Giants Causeway up by the north coast. It’s a crazy natural rock formation created by hot lava rising from the ocean causing the most amazing pattern. Or you can say that it’s the bridge a giant built to get over to Scotland a looong time ago, but for that story you have to visit it yourself ;). Anyways, I felt like a kid in a candy store. It’s incredible how things like these can take my breath away and I never stop getting amazed!

So yeah, that trip and the day at the Cable and Wake in the Titanic quarters were definitely the best two things with this trip (except for the superb company). We drove down one day when my concussion felt like it was gone. Johnny and Sam who run the cable have done an amazing job setting it up so close to the public. I was a little nervous about riding in the freezing ocean in my O’neill gooru suit since I left my pschycho 3 at home but at the same time I was anxious to get out on the water. The last time I rode cable was in Thailand with my friend Charlotte in March! I am definitely looking forward to doing some more cable shredding next year. Out on the water it felt like I’d been riding cable all summer with everything still there. After a short while my toes where freezing and so was my forehead after D used me as a crash test dummie to learn how to operate the system. To his defense I only got one faceplant due to driving miss function ;). With a big smile on my face and a hot coffee in my hands I watched the rest of the Irish team ride and they are all such great people, I love spending time with them! After a couple of hours in the freezing weather we headed for a Mexican place for some early dinner. I L O V E Mexican food!

Now I’m back in Sweden for a few months with no wakeboarding. I am nervous I will start acting like a junkie who hasn’t gotten some crack in a while but at the same time I am looking forwards to spending the Christmas time with my family and hitting the gym up to get back to the next season stronger than ever! (:

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