And again

Yesterday I decided it was time to push myself and try a new trick. Super excited I strapped on my ankle brace and my board and went out on a shorter rope than normal with slow speed (which is a great way to learn new tricks!!). After throwing a couple of backrolls to get used to the new rope lenght I decided to go for a handle pass roll to blind. I really shouldn’t have. After missing the handle and spinning into what is so similar to my feared tootsie crash I came to the surface in a screaming mess again. Mostly my fear of what damage I’d done to my ankle this time made me sad because I’ve really been having fun riding lately and I don’t want to take time of the water. After a few tears and my normal RICE treatment (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation) it actually doesn’t feel too bad but just the realization that there are some tricks I might never be able to do is pretty sad. Well never is a strong word and as DC says, there are so many other tricks I can try. Just that some of the tricks that’s been on my “dream-list” are pretty far away right now. I’m happy the crash didn’t make it that much worse and I’m hoping the doctors will have found a treatment for arthritis in the next 30 years but this morning when the others went out for a sesh, I’m stuck in here with you 😉

Some wisdom from Kanye…

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  1. Hey Carro,

    sorry to hear that your ankle is not that well at this moment … Take care ! Thank you for an awesome week and maybe we wil meet at the Europeans or in September in Cordoba …

    Greetz to DC !

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