I don’t know if I told you guys but a few days ago I decided to by my flights HOME! (: I can’t wait to see my family for a few days and soak up the Swedish sunlight but I still have about 3 more weeks here and I’m loving it right now! Finally yesterday I got the trick back for real that I injured myself on 7 months ago and the weather is absolutely amazing so hopefully we’ll get some filming done tonight. Anyways I’ll only be home for about 5 days before heading to the UK for Wakestock and today I got an e-mail from Betsafe asking if I can make it to their Gumball party in Båstad this year as well. Last year was insane! I don’t usually drink or party too much but whenever I am with Betsafe it is the craziest! Last year myself and the kitesurfer princess, Erika Lindberg hit it hard with the Dudesons and the rest of the Betsafe crew. There were cars, table dancing, BBQ’s and certain people doing flips ;). I had so much fun but my hangover lasted for dayss.. To go straight from Båstad to Wakestock sounds like a rough mission but I managed to do it last year.. Anyways we’ll see what happens but I’m so excited so come home!

Pics from last year

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