best set this year

Finally everything is coming together! My ankle is feeling a lot better after my recent discovery that I can go for small runs on it, the wind and rains seems to have left us alone for now and riding is going so well! Overcoming the fear I found after hurting myself has been a tough challenge. I wouldn’t say I’m quite there yet but today I took a big step in the right direction, getting back the trick I injured myself on 6 months ago. I have so much respect for all the wakeboard chicks, or anyone, who’s been injured and then gotten back into the game even stronger than before! I’m so thankful for the amazing people out here, pushing me in the right directions and not too hard but just enough! Today the Xtreme Gene team got a new member, Edd from the UK. He seems like such a nice guy and I’m completely blaming the positive vibe out on the boat this afternoon for my awesome set 😉

ps. this photo was taken right after I took a big gulp of water and then started laughing without trying to spray it anywhere unsuccessfully… 

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