Every day life

Time goes so fast here in Spain! I can’t believe it’s june already. My days are just filled with wakeboarding and rehabilitating. Riding as much as I can, even though we’ve been so unlucky with the wind the past few days. DC has been riding so well lately and we’ve had an awesome dutch group so I’ve just been really stoked on everything.
Yesterday we went to the Feria in Cordoba which is a massive street party with everything from carousels to nighclubs. Lately I haven’t really been in a party mode but it’s impossible to not get effected with the atmosphere at Feria with all the girls wearing amazing flamenco dresses and all the crazy rides and booths everywhere. We started of with some bumper-car-fighting but right next it was the craziest ride I’ve ever seen. I thought with being to Universal and all the other theme parks in Orlando I’d be pretty used to crazy rides but this was the most intense thing I’ve ever been on! I was screaming like a 12 year old girl the whole time and got the biggest butterfly-rush ever! After we stumbled off it I remembered that DC is scared of heights and this was a really high ride so I looked over at him. He seemed okay but he had a nose bleed, however he quickly shut my teasing down with “at least I didn’t scream as much as you did the ENTIRE ride”.
Since I was the designated driver I’m not feeling too bad today (except for the lack of sleep) but the boys are pretty wrecked. We’re chilling on the couch, watching Baywatch (for some reason) and waiting for the wind to drop. Hopefully it will be soon or we’re going to end up having Hasslehoff haircuts all over Xtreme Gene.

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