Filming with Jose

The last few days we’ve been doing some shooting to hopefully get some material for Ambers “Set’s in Motion”. For some reason I still have the biggest fear of cameras and everytime we’re filming I’m struggling with even my basic tricks! Like yesterday when I went out I got a few good things but compared to the set I had about 3 days ago, which again was the best set of the season, it was barely nothing. Thankfully Jose is such an easy person to work with and he’s giving me lots of time to get everything down so we are going to try again tonight. Some of the shots are amazing in the sunset though so I can’t wait to show you the result.

Today DC and myself are taking a break from coaching and heading in to Cordoba for some frozen yoghurt and hanging around before coming back to the camp and riding again. Hopefully tonight my stage-fright will be a bit better 😉


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