Fun evening sesh

So since the water was so flat last night I couldn’t help myself but taped up my ankle and went for a ride anyways. It worked out pretty well and I had so much fun! We have the irish legend Pete Stuart here with his girlfriend at the moment and wow does he shred! So cool to meet all kinds of different people that I’d probably never ride with if I didn’t spend my time here. I can’t wait to see how we’ll all push each other over the next week. Today my muscles are screaming after hitting almost all my tricks yesterday so it’s not just my ankle but everything! Haha, I decided to introduce my knee to my face as well and you know it’s bad when your knee is sore 😉

So today I am forcing myself to sit on the dock and watch the amazing flat water without touching it. A day filled with yoga and tanning instead, not so bad that either.

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