i can’t walk

So! Been taking this off-season training pretty seriously and besides hitting up the gym I’ve been playing on the trampoline a lot. Had so much fun last Saturday with my friend Trudi learning double flips and dreaming about taking them to the water.

However, yesterday I decided to murder my legs at the gym. I am determined to get a better explosion power and to prevent injuries so therefore this winter, my focus will be on my legs. So yesterday after an hour of intense workout I realized that I was running a bit late. I decided I had to run to the bus to make it, it was just that running wasn’t an option. After trying something that resembled the “Phoebe run” from friends like a crazy person in the middle of Stockholm I still got to watch the bus drive away but ah well, caught the next one.

I have a little problem now though, I can’t get out of bed. My legs aren’t working. So I would say that is a successful training sesh?

I’m trying to motivate myself to move my legs thinking about having my favorite smoothie for breakfast: Rawsberries, blueberries, banana, acaiapowder, sprulina powder, hempprotein and coconut water. Yummm!  DSC_0116

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