Last few days

Been having such a great few months here in Spain and now they are coming to an end. Lately it’s been pretty windy so we haven’t ridden too much the the rides we’ve managed to squeeze in has been great. DC has gotten his bs 7 a bunch of times and now I’ve got my swedish friends Emma, Philip and Hanna out here to keep me company. They’ve been riding great and smashing new tricks so it’s super fun!

Recently I got the sad news that the pool-gap of Wakestock will be cancelled this year. The pool-gap was the most fun part of the event (except for the parties 😉 ) so now I’m even considering staying at home for some extra days instead of heading for the comp. Such a hard decision! Anyways, I have a few more days to sort it out, can’t wait for friday to see my parents again! (:


Ps. just because I’m too busy to blog doesn’t mean I’m not alive 😉 you know who you are (both of you!)

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