Luke Lee Photography

This last week we’ve had one of my favorite photographers out here at Xtreme Gene. Luke and I have only ever worked together once but the photo’s that came out of that one time were unreal! He has a different way of thinking than most other people I’ve worked with and we’re using a flash, mixed with the amazing Spanish sunsets to creat sick shots! Luke is one of those people who never makes me feel stressed when I’m in front of the camera. He knows just how to make me motivated enough to get the shot that he wants without making me nervous and stiff.

Right now we have the Irish pro rider David O’Caiomh out here as well. He is so much fun to ride with and to watch progress! Always a smile and always killing it! Here is one “behind the scenes” shot of him from last night. Hopefully the sunset will be as good tonight and we can take some more (:


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