This week-end was the Swedish Midsummer Week-end which is one of our biggest holidays. Unfortunately it is not as big of a holiday in Spain but I celebrated by heading to sleep early friday night to get up before the sunrise on saturday and do a yoga-sesh before heading out shooting. The light here is amazing in the mornings and to be on the water at 7 am is a cool feeling, even though as soon a camera comes out I can’t even preform the simplest tricks. I don’t know why but I always get the worst stage fright and mess up everything. So thankful for DC who knows just what to say and do to help me land my tricks. That morning it was shouting at me to stop whining about how much I was wasting everyones time and go out and do it. I think his exact words were “You did not drag me out of bed for this, you know you can do these things in your sleep so shut up and cut in like you mean it”. After which I landed the last few tricks I needed filmed.

It is so important to be surrounded by good people when your riding. The atmosphere changes everything, if it’s a boat where no-one is interested, playing on their phones and just in a bad mood I can feel it when I’m riding and it makes me uncomfortable and stiff. That’s why I love riding here at Xtreme because we always have the greatest people out making me so stoked on wakeboarding. A few weeks ago I taught a guy who didn’t know how to swim and was scared of water to wakeboard and the smile on his face as he was up riding for about 30 seconds made my day. It makes you appreciate the little things that are so easy to forget when you get caught up in progressing and struggling with new tricks. Doing a bit of coaching has definitely helped my riding in so many ways.

Anyways, now that we have all the tricks we need, we’re going to do one last filming sesh tonight just for fun. Who knows, maybe having zero pressure will make it easier and maybe I’ll get some bonus things (:

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