Okay my plans for the next are all done now! I am so excited to have bought my flights and now I’m just going to sit back and enjoy spending the holidays with my family! (As well as working of course 😉 ) These past few days has been a haze of working out and being sore on the couch, mixed with the swedish christmas buns “Lussebullar” which are my favorite things made with saffron and I haven’t had one in the past two christmases so I have a lot to catch up.

I love when you hit “buy” on your flights because it means that your dream/plans are now reality. You are going where you’ve been lying awake at night thinking about and it gives me something too look forwards too!

My first trip will be to Ireland to start the new year with my amazing boyfriend and spend some time with him since I’m going to be gone for a while. After being home and repacking for a few days I leave to visit my friends Gabbe and Camilla (who I both met through Xtravel) and go surfing in Bali! I looved Bali last time I was there so I am excited to be able to go back and stay a bit longer this time! Next up is 6 weeks at my favorite Anthem Wakepark to ride some cable and spend some time with my Thai friends, I’ve missed you all!!

Finally I’m heading to Singapore to visit my friend Sasha and practice before I, hopefully, will be invited back down to Australia to ride the first World Cup stop of 2014.

In short:

Ireland 31 December – 7 January
Sweden 7 -10 January
Bali 10 – 22 january
Phuket 22 january – 1 March
Singapore 1 – 13 March

Can’t wait!

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