I slept like a rock even though I was worried about the jetlag so today I feel really good. Had a smashing breakfast with “healthy” croissants and coffee and now soon ready to take my stuff and head to the comp site. Yesterday at the testrun it actually did hit me that this is the spot where I damaged my ankle behind the same boat and conditions about 6 months ago and it was the first time since I’ve been back on my board that it  actually scared me a little. The test run went fine but when I came to the same spot where it all went down in the course my head blacked out and I took a fall. Hopefully the ghosts of the past wont spook on me in the semi’s today and as usual both heats are stacked with great riders (as you saw in my previous post). Feels great to be back in Indo though and everyone here is so nice! I’m remembered as “the girl who hurt her ankle” so I’ve got tons of friends here still.

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