Soo happy about my ride yesterday! I’m still buzzing when I think about it! haha

Anyways, the course here is really short (since we are riding in a golf course puddle sortof), and the starting dock is hidden so you can’t watch the others ride. The only thing you can see is if they come back with the boat and in that case it probably means that they had a stand up. Anyways, I was last up in the heat and after watching one girl after the other return to the dock I tried not to think about how good they ride. Especially when my friend Charlotte stood up her pass, since she’s a really strong competitor. When it finally was my turn I felt like I was on a high and after sticking my first pass with a backroll, ts 5 and a whirly, nothing could go wrong. The rest of my pass went smoothly even though I only managed three tricks each way and some of the other girls managed four I still took the lead after the semi’s!

I’m so nervous about monday but at the same time I can’t wait since the contest is behind a nautique and I looove nautiques (:

Today the Jumpers are riding theur Q’s and the slalomers and trickers have their finals, I’ll keep you posted on team Sweden!

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