Slow days

So, this little concussion of mine has put me off the water for sometime. Today is day 4 of complete rest where I am not only supposed to rest my body but my mind as well. This means not too much TV, computer, reading, strong sounds/ light etc. My question to all of you is: what CAN I do?? haha.

Anyways I’ve been starting to pack my life up here from Spain and praying to the airplane gods that I wont get charged by overweight. I am a little sad that this season is almost over (hopefully I can get one or two more rides in before Sunday when we fly to Ireland) as well as my time with Xtreme Gene has come to an end. The room I have now spent two summers living in with my boyfriend will be stripped of all our stuff and someone else will move in there. I’m so thankful for the opportunity to live and train here but I guess everything comes to an end and I am really excited about what the future holds too! All I can say for now is that a lot is happening so keep checking back (:

Old picture from Australia, love that place! 

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