That amazing feeling..

..Of trying to stretch the soreness away, tape up my ankle which really isn’t too bad anymore, to untangle ropes, load and gas up the boat, get warmed up with some test jumps, feel the wake out, take a deep breath to collect the nerves which are almost exploding out my brain “will it work? It’s not going to work! It’s going to hurt like sh#t! It might work..” and hundreds of crashes in all shapes and sizes. Faceplants, Backedges, breathing water, headaches, sore muscles, stretched out abs, trouble getting out of bed in the mornings, bleeding hands and bruises. They all contribute to that one moment, one day where it all comes together and is totally worth it. Without all this hard work I don’t feel the feeling would be the same, it’s the knowledge of “I can crash and burn a million times but in the end I always get up and do it again”. That incredible feeling of finally, after months of training, landing that new trick. It can make your whole day, or week seem like you’re gliding on top of fluffy clouds. Something as simple as all of a sudden the handle is back in your hand and you kept on riding where you normally would fall, is the best feeling ever!


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