This years Wakestock was as far away from last years as you could possibly get! With the weather hitting high twenties and no rain as far as the eye could see I didn’t even recognize Abersoch.

After getting picked up and driven to the apartment I would be sharing with Dan and Robbie we spent the night just talking away, I’m so happy Robbie will be going to Colombia with me for World Games in a few days!

The rest of the weekend is just a blur of awesome conditions, veggie-burgers and blasting speakers. I didn’t ride as well as I would have wanted but at least I didn’t do what I did last year and fall on my first trick so I was happy with my third spot. Big congrats to Megan Barker and Charlotte Bryant for getting first and second.

The guys killed it as well and I was sad to see my friend Davie crash in his final run but he still ended up third with Dan in second and Sam as the new Wakestock champion.  With the weather being amazing the crowd was massive and it was really fun to ride in front of not only spectators on shore but a whole bunch of boats who had driven out to watch the event. It reminded me a bit of Chill N Ride in Germany which is also such a great event. A big shame that the wakeboard council can’t plan their competitions better since I will have to miss Chill N Ride this year to go to Europeans in Poland on the same week-end.

I don’t know if it was the sun, the riding or the people but this was one of the most fun competitions I’ve been to. Thanks so much to all the organizers, Dan, Robbie and to Toby for driving us around all weekend!


Hopefully see you next year! (:

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