ALN_2638edit_After a well deserved rest day yesterday, we were back on the water this morning where I had the pleasure to try out some new boards! Hopefully I can tell you more about it soon but I had a big smile on my face going around the lake, even though this was the windiest day we’ve had yet. With whitecaps all over the lake, I spent most of my day on my computer with a huge coffee in my hand sorting out emails and paperwork. This photo really has nothing to do with my day but I found it in my inbox from a shoot I did with Airlington Lane in Byron bay. I’m so bummed that we wont have a world cup stop in Australia this year but I’m looking forwards to all the other places we’ll get to travel soon. I’ve also been trying to plan my season and decide what events and countries to go to. Let me know what comps I shouldn’t miss! Anyways just a quick update from a windy CWC 🙂



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