How to die on a tantrum to blind post#1

So decided to land my tantrum to blind yesterday. Went out with Jordan and DC and started trying them but every time I kept popping the handle. DC goes “You have to trust that you can land it” so I decided to give it a ‘all or nothing’. Came in and threw it again watching the water from upside down and thinking “I AM NOT LETTING GO”. Short after that a massive pain occurred as I caught a massive back edge and got shot out of my boots and came to the surface about 10 feet from my board. It makes you remember how much those beginner face plants actually hurt and keeps you humble whenever those massive back edges get you. Luckily it was just pain so today I can feel my neck and body super sore (oh and I think I’m about 3 inches taller).  Today I’m landing it though! Now I really have to get that trick! (:

Wake the Line

Just had a quiet Saturday night with DC, Becky and Jordan watching the wake contest Wake The Line on live stream. So impressive riding, especially by Raph Derome who ended up winning it. I wanna say that my homie Oliver Bremlund rode so sick in the qualifying too, it’s so cool to see him up agains some of the biggest names in wakeboarding and really fitting straight in. Check more from the comp here:

KGB results

Crassshhh. Haha both me and DC crashed a lot yesterday so no-one won the contest. I did however have the best set I’ve had since I came out here and landed almost everything I’ve ever done on a wakeboard. With the 220 (boat) full of cool people and a great stoke level it’s hard not to ride good. After a whole day in the boat, coaching the girls and riding though I was exhausted. I feel just like a kid whenever my energy level is low from lack of food or sleep. Last night it was food so I snapped at the rest of the staff here at Xtreme Gene and almost fell asleep on the couch. Lucky for me they are awesome so they took me to a great ice cream place and then I felt a little bit better. I came back and fell sleep in my clothes and just woke up still wearing them. Today is a new day but I think it’s a rest day for me.

xx Carro