Ah thank you weather!

Finally a few days of bad weather! I’ve been riding every day but one since I got here about 20 days ago. I have no strenght left so it’s sick taking a break! I’m having so much fun riding with Frenchy (Lucas) and DC. We all really get each other stoked Lucas got his Dumdum back (frontroll with a backside 3), DC’s been throwing down some sevens and I’ve been crashing really hard :). I feel like I learn though and we’ve been shooting a lot. The scariest thing happend 2 days ago when I was driving the chase boat for DC  taking shots like the one of me here. So he wasn’t looking at the boat and I was to close to him so he rode straight into me. He actually ended up going under the boat and I was sure I was going the see a scene like from Jaws with blood everywhere in the water and a leg floating by. So scary but everything ended up good and both boat and rider were fine. Got me really shaken though but we got the shot. It’s still being edited so here’s one of me for now.

Photo: Jose Gonzalez

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