Backside 3s

So my goal this week is my Moby dick right? And to land it I decided to learn backside 3s yesterday (yes I know you should do back 3s before attempting an invert with the same rotation) only to realize that the rotatione feels absolute impossible for me. I think I took the same nose edge about 15 times in a row no matter what I tried to change. I can feel it in my neck today and yesterday was the first time in a long time I got really frustrated with wakeboarding. After having some dinner though I went to my favorite website and found a video which explained exactly what I was doing wrong. Stoked to try it again I went up before 8 this morning for a morning shredd, only to notice the lake all blown out. So it became a morning yoga-sesh instead and hopefully we can go out soon so that I can try it. I want this trick before the week is up!

imageDef over 30 degrees out today! (:

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