Bikram Yoga Day 5

Wow, yesterday was the toughest day so far. From the start I feelt like I had no energy and really nauseous. I guess it’s true what they say about every session being different. The feeling afterwords is still so sweet though! Every time I leave the studio I can’t stop smiling. Even if it during the sesh yesterday took me both sweat and tears to make it through I can’t help it. These 5 days have teached me so much about my body and about my mind. My body is so much stronger than my mind think it is so whenever those voices in my head start pushing “you can’t do this, just let go early, it’s too heave” I chose not to listen to them and push through anyways. My body CAN do it, if it can’t it will say so by collapsing. Most of the times it’s our heads telling us we can’t do it so we choose not to. I’m not saying that I win over my “voices” all the time. Sometimes I let them win. Actually probably most of the times they do, but I’ve started to defy them and the feeling when I do is the one that makes these sessions worthwhile.

Wow, that was a really messy blog-post but here’s a pic that I found which says it all. haha

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