Yesterday, I turned 20 and I felt really old.. It’s like Benjamin always used to say: “It’s only downhill from here”.. Haha, well I woke up pretty early and recieved a phone call from froggy saying that I’ll get my new board and bindnings soon (: Happy birthday to me! (:

Then a bunch of swedish dudes stormed into my room and jumped in my bed with a cinnamon bun and a strawberry. Pretty sweet breakfast, the only problem is that I sleep more or less naked so that was an interesting experience.. I spent my birthday cleaning, running and doing a bunch of boring stuff so that I could get saturday off. Then Trudi and Sara came and picked me up so I spent last night spooning with Sara and we woke up early to hit Island of Adventures today. AWESOME (:

Haven’t been riding much lately but hopefully that’ll change on tuseday when I move in with Trudi.. (: Here’s some pic’s from a while ago by Trudi Andersen.

Pink Zinc!

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