Went for a run again and super stoked to see that I run 3 WHOLE MINUTES faster on the track I started with when i first got here! Sweet! Then I also just wanted to add that anyone who might want anything from VS (hint, someone who’s about to get married) should send me some sizes… (:

Cool pic from Swedish nationals 2009 by Johanna Ågren (:

The wind is terrible today so the whole lake is white capping but maybe some brave coaches would like to ride anyways… I hope so! Guess I should start kiteboarding as well so that I would always have something to do no matter how windy it is. Ah well, maybe this summer!

2 Replies to “Ffffridayy”

  1. Hej söt! Vad fin du är! S funkar jättebra, men du behöver inte köpa ngt, skojade mest. Jättekul att följa dig på bloggen:) Kram

  2. visste inte att du börjat blogga! jag ska ju iofs inte gifta mig än men.. ;)ser ut som du har det bäst 😀 du är saknad!!

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