Got my board!

Yees! My board (and the rest of my stuff) finally got here! I’m soo excited to put on fresh clothes since it’s pretty warm here so my t-shirt has not been the best one.. The only sad thing is that my stuff were wet when I threw it in the bag after Copenwaken so you can imagine how JohnJohn complains about how our room smells now…  Oh and my can of expensive lotion exploded all over my board so at least I’ve got a well moisturized  board now!

Today we had the opening ceremony and I rode my test-run today (on Jeremia’s board). It didn’t go too well since his boots were too big for me and the board just felt weird. But got my sweet gear now so we’ll see what happens in the quaters tomorrow. Jeremia Hoppe and Johan Wikström of team Sweden are riding their first run tomorrow too, stay updated! (:

Italian pizza rocks my world!

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