Today I arrived safe and sound in Indonesia after a LOOONG flight. Unfortunately, my bag was not so lucky, but we’ll get to that. From Stockolm to London to Singapore to Palembang my trip took about 26 hours but now I’m finally here. On the flight from London to Singapore I ended up with 3 seats and got to watch the new Batman movie! (Love it!). When I was leaving my flight I noticed a guy with a mastercraft hat who ende  up being one of the skiers and he was also traveling through to Palembang. I hung out with a couple of the skiers and even got in to one of the lounges thanks to one of them.

It was when I arrived in Indonesian my stomach turned into knots when my boardbag didn’t roll out on the belt with the others. In that bag I have, not only all my equipment (including board, bindings, bikinis, vest and rope) but also all my clothes!  I pretty quickly had 5 Indonesian guys helping me fill out a form but they didn’t have a computer where they could look my bag up for me. I have no idea where in the world it is or when it will get here so I’m probably not going to get it before my test run tomorrow. Thankfully Raimi has offered to let me borrow hers for tomorrow but it still wont be the same as having my board.

I really hope I will get it before the competition starts or this is going to be a one of a kind world cup for me. The hotel staff and the organizers are doing everything they can to find it though so maybe I’ll be lucky? Anyways, here’s a photo of my hotel room, the warm bed looks very tempting after a days flights.


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