10613031_830714323651130_288292263590105355_nA quick update from Linköping where the Swedish Action Games are taking place this weekend! Yesterday I picked up previous world champion Sophia Reimers who flew in from Hamburg and we drove down the two hours to Linköping. The Breddas has  spend the last few weeks planning a sick setup and inviting some of Europes best riders.

Yesterday we had a practice sesh and holy crap these girls have some balls! Both Maxine Sapulette and Sophia we’re killing it and we all tried to hit the transfer of death. Kicker to down rail. Luckily I was first to try it and I ended up flying through the air but missing the rail, landing on the boards the whole think was floating on, cartwheeling out and barely missing smashing my head in the side of it. I decided to take a break from hitting it and let the others have a go. After watching both Max and Sophi almost smash their faces too we all kinda decided that we’re going to focus on the other obstacles in the comp today.

Unfortunately its raining really hard but with some fresh wetsuits from Froggy we’ll hopefully be alright 🙂

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