When I got here last night my phone wouldn’t work at first so once again I stood in a city, having no idea where to go and no phone. Luckily Team Froggy found me and we went to find the hotel. After driving for about 45 seconds the GPS died and we had no idea where to go. The charger didn’t work so we stopped and asked people. I’m not really sure what they did since I got to borrow Tom’s ipad and discovered a bunch of games. After the 7 minute drive became an hour and 7 minutes we got to the hotel and everyone went straight to bed. Now we just woke up and are about to get breakfast and then play on the cable park. 

Everyone’s been complaining that the airplanes fly straight through our windows so that they can’t sleep. I’ve slept like a princess so I don’t know what they’re talking about. Maybe it’s the fact that I like live at airports?

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