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Photos: Stefan Eigner

Can not wait to show you what we got up to on our 10 day road trip through Germany with Team O’Neill! The first episode explaining what it was all about will drop next week but I can tell you I’ve never done anything quite like this.

I got cleared to start wakeboarding after my multiple knee surgeries about 2 days before this trip so I was being a little rusty and cautious with my riding. Winch is pretty gnarly as the spots are usually concrete and if you mess up, things can go bad, but I was stoked to give it a go and to hang out with the crew. My knee is feeling better every day now, maybe I should write another blog post explaining what happened with my injury but the story is too long to explain here. Either way, I was over the moon just being back on my board, eating nutella with the boys and watching them hit some insane spots! Keep your eyes peeled next week!

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