O’Neill Sweden and Norway – shredd

Yesterday I went to OWC to ride with Trudi and I was soo happy to see her again! After feeling a little home sick it feels great to meet up with a “swedish” friend who reminds me of home. And yesterday was crazy!

So, we decided to go to OWC to shoot right? What do I do? I forget the memory card back home! So in a crazy buzz of happiness we both jumped into Trudi’s car, raced to the nearest Best Buy while screaming and laughing in Swedish. We ran barefoot into the store, grabbed the first memory card we found and was out of there in less than 3 minutes. Before getting in the car and racing back, we both grabbed a Starbucks frappeccino and gased back to the cable.

We rode and shot for about 2 hours and got some pretty nice material. Although we both learned a lot about shooting with a GoPro and some of our material went straight in the trash.. I was supposed to go down town last night but after a day like this with both morning shredd and cable I was so tired that I almost fell asleep in the car on our way back to Clermont. Got stoked when I saw Trudi’s facebookstatus saying that she was as tired as I felt..

Well, here’s some pics from yesterday. Enjoy!


Trudi’s awesome car! (which we need to clean…)

GoPro shooting, video coming up

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