Had the best sleep EVER last night. Trudi’s alarm went off at 9 but we turned it off and kept sleeping for another hour before we woke up. There’s now 8 wakeriders livin’ in this house until friday when we’re moving out so we went into the kitchen and tried to not wake the dudes sleeping on the couch up. After some peanut butter toast for breakfast we went to the beach with our friend Terry in a car with air condition! The waves were massive so we thought about getting some surfing on but since we’re a bunch of lazy wakeboarders we  just laid in the sand and chilled. Such a great day and then (I’d been talking about it for like a week) we got some fish tacos at a beach shack before heading home.

Its great staying at lake jessamine and I’ve been riding at odub a lot lately. Trying to get some presses down since AJ and Terry blow me away with their style. I love Orlando so much right now and I’m so pumped on wakeboarding all the time! Now I’m off to get some gas for a morning set with a dude I met at the lake party on friday. So great that there’s wakeboard boats everywhere!

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