Blog up and running again. Sorry for being away y’all! This is what I’ve been up too:

  • Caught a great faceplant on a backside 3
  • Drove to philip Island on monday and went for a surf on a shortboard
  • Caught one wave on it after about 4 hours and got stoked!
  • Did not get eaten by a shark
  • Went on a penguin tour without seeing any penguins
  • Had fresh fish for dinner and kicked it on the island
  • Woke up and couldn’t move from sore surfer muscles
  • Had a morning surf on a Malibu board and caught some more waves
  • Had an after surf nap
  • Went for a second surf with Matty and had so much fun!
  • Kicked it in Melbourne for another couple of days
  • Drove up to Sydney for BoardStock and slept for 7 hours in the car
  • Had a private early morning shred with Courtney and Dylan on the cable
  • Rode Australian Open

I think that might be all this post could handle.. more to come soon! (:

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