10613031_830714323651130_288292263590105355_nA quick update from Linköping where the Swedish Action Games are taking place this weekend! Yesterday I picked up previous world champion Sophia Reimers who flew in from Hamburg and we drove down the two hours to Linköping. The Breddas has  spend the last few weeks planning a sick setup and inviting some of Europes best riders.

Yesterday we had a practice sesh and holy crap these girls have some balls! Both Maxine Sapulette and Sophia we’re killing it and we all tried to hit the transfer of death. Kicker to down rail. Luckily I was first to try it and I ended up flying through the air but missing the rail, landing on the boards the whole think was floating on, cartwheeling out and barely missing smashing my head in the side of it. I decided to take a break from hitting it and let the others have a go. After watching both Max and Sophi almost smash their faces too we all kinda decided that we’re going to focus on the other obstacles in the comp today.

Unfortunately its raining really hard but with some fresh wetsuits from Froggy we’ll hopefully be alright 🙂

GUMBALL 3000!!

G0652354 GOPR2361 GOPR2362 GOPR2363GOPR2351Being part of team Betsafe definitely has its perks! This weekend the Gumball 3000 Rally dropped the starting flag on Gustav Adolfs torg in Stockholm. Unfortunately I am not one of the drivers this year but I was thrilled to hang out at the grid and check out all the amazing vehicles! After a beautiful sunny day we went home to get ready for a night on the town and what a night! I can’t even remember the last time I was out dancing til 4am! Thank you so much Betsafe for an unforgettable night!!



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What a weekend! The Dockland Summer Festival is an event in the heart of the city in Dublin and with the crowds estimated to 20 000 people both saturday and sunday it was pretty scary to strap on your board and hit the chilly Irish water. The event was mainly a Demo to try and get wakeboarding to the people and hopefully inspire some locals to try it one day but we had a contest format where the audience could vote for their favorite rider. I was so happy when local rider Aisling Deegan (who by the way is only 16!!) got the people’s support and got the most votes!

It was also great to see JB for four days since he flew all the way from Texas to get into a cold, wet wetsuit and spend the weekend with me. We’ve been looked after so well by the organizers who have taken us to different spots each day showing us off the best bars and restaurants in Dublin, my favorite one being to Rooftop bar right by the event!

Now I’m about to get on a plane for a quick visit to the Monster Energy head office in London before flying home to Stockholm and probably passing out quick in my own bed. Busy day ahead! 🙂

NEXT OFF: DUBLIN quick 48 hours at home and now I’m back at the airport again. This time for a weekend in Dublin and the Dockland Summer Festival! This weekend is going to be so much fun and I can not wait to hit the Irish shopping streets! I don’t usually shop too often but the stores in the UK and Ireland are simply irresistible and since the event doesn’t start until tomorrow I have a whole day of spending way too much money on shoes ahead of me! 🙂



G0592287 G0502116 G0622305 G0622308 G0632327 G0452027Mixed pictures from a day riding on lake Conway in Orlando a few days ago

Sometimes things move in 200km and thats what it feels like right now. After a long flight I landed in Stockholm yesterday and after a nights sleep to fight off the jetlag I now have a busy day ahead. To try and regain some energy I went for a quick run by the lake and had breakfast with my mom and now I’m about to repack my bags for a trip to Dublin for the weekend! It feels so good to be back!



G0421891Time flies by in this part of the world and especially since I’ve been keeping busy. The last week has been filled of riding, working out and shooting while catching up with my “Floridian” friends. The best part was to get the chance to shoot with Rodrigo Donoso, one of the best photographers in the business during our Hyperlite shoot for the 2016 catalog. I would love to work with him again, such an amazing guy who just motivates everyone around him to be and perform their best.

As much as I love being in this part of the world, I feel like it is a finished chapter of my life. I absolutely love visiting here but I know now that this is not where I want to live anymore. On to new adventures but first, we’re going riding on one of the million lakes out here 🙂


bild 3 bild 1

Sunday mornings with Acro yoga in the park was a good start to my Orlando trip. Im not sure if my abs got sore from the positions or from laughing so hard but wow it was a fun few hours. Afterwords we headed to my favorite vegetarian restaurant in Florida, Dandelion followed by a night of gossip, tea and game of thrones at the house. I’m so stoked to be reunited with my florida friends!