2nd day

Got crazy sun today when I fell asleep after 2 rides today. Still can’t get my Raileys down on this cable so no blind J’s for me.. ): The rest of the team is shredding. Benjamin lands ts bs 7’s like they’re nothing, Anna throws her newly learned BS 3’s and Judith landed another crowmobe (!!).

They guys have noticed that the culture is a bit different here than they’re used to. Last night they went down town and managed to get in trouble with a bouncer after that the didn’t get in.

Bouncer: The club is full guys, sorry…
3 young looking girls walks right by the line and the bouncer lets them in
Oh yeah? But you have room for some 14 year old girls?
The bouncer grabs a hold of Jeremia and drags him away without Jeremia resisting

And many more stories that I seem to miss.

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