3 days of rain

No riding for 3 days since I left my Psycho 3 at home! It’s been a lot cooler that I expected so I’m working on getting it shipped down here. Instead here’s a list of what I’ve been doing:

  • Yoga – Very entertaining since we’re crammed in a pretty small space when we can’t be outdoors and I got a lot of the guys to join me. Teaching wakeboarders to stretch is a pretty fun experience, you should try it if you get the chance.
  • Playing poker – A LOT, I lost so many games in a row that I owed everyone money but being the gambler I am I played one more and won it! Which means I’m now out of debt
  • Baking – I don’t know, something I do when I’m bored. My brother says it’s a girl thing
  • Reading – Finished the third book of The Hunger Games, Loved it!
  • Cuddling with the kittens
  • Looking at flight tickets
  • Drinking an average on 4 cups of tea a day (My Yogi tea I brought from Sweden is almost out!)
  • Waiting to see if I’ll be on the World Cup list or not. (since I missed the last stop due to my appendix surgery I’m not sure I’ll get to ride the next one, I’ll find out any day now)
  • www.bored.com – Love it!

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