Riding at Xtreme Gene is my favorite thing to do right now. It’s been a great crew of people here to ride with and it’s been fun (even though I’m aching so bad) to get back into it.

It’s been some girlpower going on since both Loes Linder and (my worst competition 😉 ) Sian Hurst has been out shredding. Both of them landed Whirly’s and Sian’s started riding so massive! I tried to gather some material to put an edit together but it just wasn’t enough time to shoot. Next time cause I feel like it’s time for another edit!

Now DC and Sian left to go back to their Irish Nationals this weekend, (good luck to both!) so left behind is me and Dylan Mitchell, one of my favorite people to ride with/watch ride from South Africa. Hoping to get some more riding done today! (:

Sian in a Tantrum foto by Jose Gonzalez Venezolion

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