37 degrees!

So hot here right now and I had the best sesh with the crew the other day! It just sucks when you are about to sleep cause I cant from the heat so my body hates me right now. I spent last night in the park, celebrating that my friend Ellie (aka frenchy) got her Australian citizenship approved (or almost approved 😉 ). I felt really aussie sine we we’re having a barbecue and playing cricket in the shade of some trees. If I’m lucky I might go and ride with one of my favorite boats later today, a Nautique 230 just like Dylan’s which I rode up in Goldie. I miss that wake…

I’ve really changed a lot when it comes to wakes since I started wakeboarding. I remember thinking that the people complaining about the wake were spoiled and that they should just stop blaming the boat for riding bad. That was when I was riding with Lida Vattensidklubb behind an unloaded and no tower ski boat. Now, after trying the best wakes in the industry I’ve definitely turned into a boat-bitch! At least I’m not blaming my board, just yet… 😉

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