4th time’s a charm!

Sorry for not updating earlier, we’ve been too busy drinking champagne with the rest of team Sweden. I was sooo nervous before my run and starting last was not the easiest since I had to watch the others ride. Sian Hurst from Ireland had some bad luck and fell in her pass but she still threw sick inverts and a massive ts off axis 540. I was up right after her and I started off by hitting the rail and then got most of my tricks down even though I had some problems with my toe 5. It was apparently enough anyways so right after my run I heard the announcer say “In first place, from Sweden..” and then I was thrown in the water and sprayed with beer from my team mates. Sian came in second place and Laurianne Masson from France grabbed the 3rd.

Right after I rode Jeremia was up in Junior Men and he landed his first ever Moby Dick in his contest pass! He also earned so much respect from the rest of the riders for trying double Tantrum off the Double Up! I am so proud of Perry! He ended up getting 5th and the winner in that category was David from Ireland with a sick pass! I can’t believe how good these riders are getting!

We celebrated all night, I’ll tell you more about that later cause now we are hanging out and having hangover breakky before heading off to the airport and going back to Melbourne!

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