5 days…

Lately my body has been hurting A LOT whenever I ride. It’s not just my foot but my knees, the inside of my left leg and my hips. Yesterday when I lay stretching in front of my computer Andres asked me how much I’ve been letting my body rest. I realized that I’ve only been off the water about 5 days since I got here, over a month ago! I guess you cant push your body too hard or it wont cooperate with you. I’m planning on taking a few days off riding next week to go and do something else and until then I’m just going to work on my foundations and spins.

I never told you how moby dick week went btw! After throwing a ton of them I felt how I progressed a lot and on sunday I was sure I was going to have it. Especially after DC went out and landed his first moby dick in 4 years. I had given up but after he did that I strapped on my board again and went to throw some more. Getting so close but still not stomping it but it’s like one of my old coaches used to say: “It’s not a failed goal, you just estimated the time wrong” so I’ll keep charging it. (That is after my body stops feeling like a worn out flip flop. (:

 This is what legs look like when you’ve turned 21…

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