Yesterday we left amazing Anthem and it’s people behind to continue or trip to Bangkok and some boat training before the World Cup next week-end. After a lot of sad goodbyes (feeling a little bit better after an Ice cream date) we boarded our flight. Thank you so much Anthem Crew, it’s been the best two weeks staying with you!

Today was our first boat sesh and it’s always pretty hard to go from cable to boat since the pull from the rope is so different. I’d say we did alright though and I’m loving getting back on my Geisha board and playing behind the sick 230 wake out here. We met up with previous European Champion Sam Carne and my favorite Frenchy Lucas Langlois who both are staying here to train for the World Cup as well. They are such a good crew to ride with so I feel like the next week is going to be epic!

Missing our beach, food and friends from Phuket though! Can’t wait to come back! (: Random photos by Rebecca, Emil and Hanna from all over the place:

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