Bikram Yoga Day 1

“I am going to die”. Litterally those words went through my head as I after 15 minutes in lye sweating on my yoga mat. But I didn’t! The 90 minutes of a really hard work out combined with the 40 degree room made me both want to run away, throw up and pass out. But I didn’t. Instead I ignored the voices in my head telling me “You can’t do this” and the panic I felt of my heart beating super fast due to the heat and completed my first ever Bikram Yoga session.

When I described this to someone he said that it sounds like a “cruel form of torture” and to be honest, for a few minutes it’s exactly what I thought it felt like. The upside of this, though, was the feeling I got when it was over. When I realized that no matter how hard my mind kept telling me “this is impossible” I still went through with it! There are few times when I’ve been as proud of myself and as happy as I was right after the session ended. And wow, am I sore today!

My next session is today at 4 and this time I know what I can expect. My brother says that the second time was the worst so we will see if he was right!

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