CCP Kicker Contest!

I rode without a wet-suit all week-end! Just being able to do that made my day yesterday but then, it was also the comp. I rode pretty bad and fell on everything. Luckily for me, it was best trick and I managed to throw the biggest grabbed tantrum ever and it was enough even though the other girls shredded like crazy!


1st Mattis Hoppe – Sw hs bs 7, late melan grab
2nd Andreas Kjaergaard – Pete Rose 5
3rd Mads Bille Bloch -Ts 9
4th Alex Kaiser – Whirlybird
5th Trolls Engholm – Roll to Blind
6th Simon Rasmussen – Whirlybird


1st Caroline Djupsjö – Stalefish Tantrum
2nd Lina Lundgren – Hs fs 3
3rd Line Caramon – Frantrum
4th Julie Lüchow  – Scarecrow
5th Susanne Friis – Tantrum

Kicki, Frida and Fanny chilled out

the best pen everrr

It was a good day for swedish riders and team WCPE…

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