So Lund was a great comp! I had like 5 red bulls before the finals so during my rides I was just super happy and pumped on everything! It didn’t even hurt when I acidently hit land after a toe backroll to revert, I just noticed I was all muddy. All the girls rode good in the finals, Maria did a sick gap from the pool to the lake and Trudi landed her toe 3 perfectly. Even the kiteboarder Malin killed it on the box! Maybe we should get her into wakeboarding instead…

We ended up like this:
1st: Mee! 😀 😀
2nd: Maria Jorlén
3rd: Trudi Andersen
4th: Malin Rapp 

Anyways, after the “after wake fest” I hitched a ride with team T-shirt from Denmark down to CCP and we went riding for a couple of hours before the storm hit. Went back to Alex’s place and played skate while eating chips. Then I sleept for a good 10 hours so now I’m back on track and about to hit the Cable up with Thomas. We have a 7 competition going on so whoever gets closest or lands a 7 today will get a free meal tonight, I’m super stoked! (:


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