Doon Stock

So after partying all nigh saturday we went up early on sunday to pack up our stuff and start heading to the marina. We cruised along the houseboat with 2 wakeboardboats and everyone shredded like crazy on the flat water. I remembered what everyone had told me and put on tons of sunscreen and I still got burnt. It felt so good being back on the water and we shot a lot. That night we stayed in the houseboats playing drinking games and the next morning my core muscles were sore from laughing.

I’ve met so many cool people this weekend. The stoke that was in the boat just inspires me to ride and the stoke on shore makes me pumped on my life!  Can’t wait to go out next time!

While waiting for some pictures on my memory card I’ll give you a sick girl-shredder to get inspired from! Sophia Reimers

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