Got in my car (which we recently named Biebs after a certain teen-singer whom I may or may not have a CD of named “guilty pleasure” in my car), and drove to Fagersta to ride with Jeremia and Nick for a couple of days. Had such a good time at WCPE with the best company. For example the people from GBG wake which by the way have their own blog called “Bring Your Own Board” They put up some pictures from this week-end there, check it out!

I landed another new trick yesterday, roll to blind. Love riding at the perfect spot, especially when I get super coached by Terry. (: Can’t wait to go and ride boat later today.

Foto: Patrick Couch
Chillin’ in the Hot tub at the Spot

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  1. Synd att du inte kunde komma ner å åka lite båt med oss! Du får försöka svänga förbi nån annan gång så lovar vi att ha kameran framme så det blir lite film 🙂 tack för reklamen btw! Kör hårt på EM nu!

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