“When I came to Spain and I saw people partying I thought to myself What the F**k?”

Ferier came to town a couple of nights ago. It is a crazy thing where little Almodovor for 5 nights turns into a crazy party from 9pm to 9 am. We went on friday and had such a great night that I didn’t get to bed until 6am. 2 hours of sleep and then up again to take people wakeboarding. Some of out guests didn’t stop there but kept going with vodka red bull when the rest of us had breakfast at 9am. They where playing the game “last one standing” and two of the refused to give up. By lunchtime we could see one literally falling to the floor and curling up to a little ball fast asleep.

The night was amazing with great rides, shooting ranges and sangria. Pictures speak more then words so I’ll let these talk for themselves.

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