Getting my Aussie Life set up

I worked on getting settled here today. Went with my new room-mate Rachel to the stores and got my aussie phone number, bank account and some groceries today. Me, Rachel and her boyfriend Alex are sharing this small house. It belongs to an old lady who’s now in a nursing home so it’s a nice house just a little bit.. um.. old? I have my own room and it smells a bit weird so today I bought scented candles to make it smell like vanilla instead. After all this I went by the beach (which is about a 20 minute walk from where we live) and just chilled in the sand, watched the water and thought about Antarctica. Then, out of nowhere from being super sunny, it started to pour so our plans to go wakeboarding this afternoon got cancelled. Still though, I’m super jet lagged so working on that tonight instead.

Cheers! (as they say here)


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